Nearly 1 year ago, I challenged myself to climb 75,000 feet in one year. All of it had to be human-powered, but other than that, the options were endless. This honestly isn’t a very difficult goal to reach in one year—or so I thought.

Life apparently got in the way. Finishing my masters and working full-time ate up way more time than I wish it had. With school out forever (YAY!) it’s time to kick my ass into gear and make this work.

With the 75,000 feet I had planned, and nearly 45,000 completed to date, I’ve got 30,000 more feet to climb in less than 2 months.


Arches NP Hiking

30,000 feet in about a month time is going to ROCK my legs.


Moab Mountain Biking Klondike Bluffs

With a new full-suspension bike, it’s time to get some elevation gain under my wheels.