52 Hikes in 52 Weeks Adventure Filled

So I’ve finally settled down a bit since my move from Maine and I’m ready to get back outside. I’ve finished (mostly) unpacking my stuff, getting ready for classes to start again, and finding a job so I can eat on a regular basis. While I haven’t been back in Syracuse for very long at all, I’ve really been craving to get outside. I was incredibly fortunate to have plenty of free time last year to explore Maine and though I’m confident I won’t have as much free time, I’m going to do my absolute best to get outside as much as possible.

In order for me to explore as much of Maine as possible last year, I created My Maine (Bucket) List. Though I wasn’t successful in completing each list item, it proved to be an awesome way for me to try so many new and unique things. Therefore, I knew I needed another gimmicky list for my time in Syracuse.  I loved My Maine (Bucket) List but since I will have many more school, work, family, etc. commitments in Syracuse I decided to switch it up a bit this time around.

52 Hikes in 52 Weeks

Hiking at Tinker Falls New York

This came to me while, oddly enough, on a very long kayak ride just yesterday. The following list (I LOVE lists) will help me to get outside as much as possible once again. Unlike my previous bucket list, I’ll need to fill this list in rather than checking items off. I think this will better suit my always-changing schedule and commitments as I finish up my degree.

I’ll be filling it in with only hikes in New York State. I’m sure it’ll be filled with both high and low peaks in the Adirondacks, gorges in Western and Central New York, some peaks in the Catskills, and lots of state parks just outside Syracuse.

Adventure Filled 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks

One other thing I should mention is that I’ll attempt to complete one hike per week for a year. But clearly, things happen, so I’m mostly just into averaging a hike a week by the end of the year. Hence, 52 in 52.

I’ll be returning here to fill out my list as I hike each week!

My 52 Hikes

1. Clark Reservation, CNY: 8/24/13 
2. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 9/4/13
3. Highland Forest County Park, CNY: 9/6/13
4. Pratts Falls, CNY: 9/23/13
5. Blue Mountain, Adirondack State Park: 9/28/13
6. Labrador Unique Area, CNY: 9/30/13
7. Buttermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca: 10/13/13
8. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 10/14/13
9. Chittenango Falls State Park, CNY: 11/2/13
10. Chimney Mountain, Indian Lake, ADKs: 11/27/13
11. Rocky Mountain, Inlet, ADKs: 11/27/13
12. Erie Canal, CNY: 12/19/13
13. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 12/24/13 
14. Butternut Creek Trail and Boardwalk, CNY: 12/27/13
15. Jamesville Beach Park, CNY: 01/01/2014
16. Taughannock Falls State Park, Ithaca: 01/05/14
17. Sapsucker Woods/Cornell Ornithology Lab, Ithaca: 01/05/14
18. Limestone Creek Creek Trail, CNY: 01/09/14
19. Beaver Lake Nature Center, CNY: 01/19/14
20. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 02/03/14
21. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 02/06/14 
22. Owl’s Head Mountain, Long Lake ADKs: 02/08/14
23. Chittenango Falls State Park, CNY: 02/23/14
24. Clark Reservation State Park, CNY: 03/02/14
25. Algonquin Peak, High Peaks ADKs: 03/11/14
26. Chimney Bluffs State Park, Lake Ontario: 03/28/14
27. Cathedral Rock/Latham Trail, Wanakena ADKs: 03/29/14
28. Mt. Arab, Tupper Lake ADKs: 03/29/14
29. Goodnow Mt., Newcomb ADKs: 03/29/14
30. Bald Mt/Rondaxe Fire Tower, Old Forge ADKs: 03/29/14
31. Baltimore Woods, Marcellus CNY: 04/02/14
32. Cazenovia Gorge Trail, CNY: 05/09/14
33. Pratt’s Falls County Park, CNY: 05/10/14
34. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 05/15/14
35. Erie Canal State Park Canalway Trail, CNY: 05/20/14
36. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 05/20/14
37. Chittenango Falls State Park, CNY: 05/20/14
38. Clark Reservation State Park, CNY: 05/20/14
39. Jamesville Beach County Park, CNY: 05/20/14
40. Pratt’s Falls County Park, CNY: 05/20/14
41. Highland Forest County Park, CNY: 05/20/14
42. Labrador Hollow Unique Area – Tinker Falls, CNY: 05/20/14
43. Butternut Creek Trail and Boardwalk, CNY: 05/22/14
44. Erie Canal State Park Cedar Bay: CNY: 05/22/14
45. Onondaga Creek Walk, CNY: 05/24/14
46. Watkins Glen State Park, FLX: 05/26/14
47. Mill Run Park Trails, CNY: 05/27/14
48. Limestone Creek Greenway Trail (Manlius), CNY: 05/27/14
49. Erie Canal State Park Canalway, CNY: 05/27/14
50. Limestone Creek Trail (Fayetteville), CNY: 05/27/14
51. Onondaga Lake East Shore Parkway, CNY: 05/27/14
52. Green Lakes State Park, CNY: 05/27/14

So do me a favor. Let me know some awesome parks, peaks, and trails in New York that I must hike in the next year (roughly September to September) then follow along with me. Shout it out in the comments below or on Twitter. THANKS!