That’s right. I’ve (finally) climbed all the 75,000 feet I set out to climb back in June 2014. It took me longer than a year, but it still feels oh-so-good to have accomplished this. Each of the goals I’ve set have had to be adjusted slightly based on life at the time. Good news is that the goals I’ve set in Maine, New York, and now Colorado have all provided me with an incredible year, plus or minus a couple months, of excellent adventure.

To my surprise, my Colorado goal had changed the most of all three. After hiking like nuts in Maine and New York, it only made sense that I’d attack as many 14ers as I could and finish this goal of 75,000 feet in no time. So, I hiked Mt. Bierstadt last summer to kick things off and it absolutely kicked my ass. And I haven’t hiked a 14er since then. It’s not that I don’t want to hike another—whenever the moment’s right I’ll probably find myself atop another one. It’s just that I don’t really want to. Sure, feel free to re-read that last part again.

Rocky Mountain National Park at Sunset

This is my go-to move. Standing still just doesn’t do it for me.


Honestly, 14ers just aren’t calling my name right now. I used to be all about peak bagging, but the demands of work and side projects truly haven’t allowed much of it. And with that, my desire for long days in hiking boots has waned a bit.

But what hasn’t waned is the urge to simply get outside. This goal to climb 75,000 feet quickly moved from a peak bagging goal to a get outside and do something physical goal.

A friend snagged me a bike this summer and I haven’t (yet) looked back. As much as I suffer through the climbs, my last 23,000 feet climbed was all on two wheels. And it was great. It’s sort of like hiking. But faster. With more adrenaline and oh shit moments. And less stress on all your limbs and joints. All good things.

Given that I struggled to complete this goal due to outside demands, I’m not hopping on the bus just yet to roll out with another goal. But yes, I am brainstorming my next big adventure.

What should my next goal be? Right now it’s feeling like some excellent micro-adventures. Or maximizing my nights spent outside. Or training for a mountain bike race. I’m really not sure.

So lend me hand (or a thought), what should my next outdoor adventure goal be!?