I’m struggling to reach my #52in52 goal of 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks. I’m moving from NY with nearly 12 weeks left in the challenge…therefore, I’m attempting to complete my 52 hikes in only 40 weeks. It shouldn’t be too hard to finish with a week left, however, I’ve got a paper to write, packing to finish, work to complete, and a nasty weather forecast to play with.

74 and sunny was the weather yesterday. Followed by several days of rain and thunderstorms. It seemed it was the only opportunity for a while so I planned something big; a microadventure of sorts. I mapped out many great parks and hikes in CNY and left the house before 9am and I didn’t return until I made it to Heids and Sweet Treats for a celebratory calorie-filled, Syracuse-style dinner of hot dogs and ice cream. Yes.

I can’t say I kept a detailed description of my day, though, I know I hiked approximately 8.5 miles throughout the day. I certainly didn’t hike anything very long or strenuous, but I chose my favorite trails at each one. My day looked a bit like this:

52 Hikes in 52 Weeks CNY Microadventure Map

Click to view the Google Maps if you want to check any of the hikes out for yourself.

A Microadventure or a Farewell?

Though I originally set out on this microadventure simply as a way to get closer to achieving my 52 in 52 goal, I ended with on a much different note. About halfway through my day, it began to feel a bit like a farewell of the parks that I know oh-so-well. I grew up in this area and have been to each park countless times. I know the trails well and while I dream of mountains and bigger adventures, this area also has lots to offer.

The Central New York (CNY) area has been carved out by glaciers a bajillion (exact date, I’m sure of it) years ago. Everyone instantly thinks ‘Ithaca is Gorges’ (read as: gorgeous for those unfamiliar with our wittiness) when they think of the awesome beauty left behind by the glaciers. However, all of CNY has plenty of reasons to be called gorges. The area is filled with waterfalls, gorges, steep cliffs, and rather interesting hiking trails.

I completed 8 hikes in 8 different parks by the end of the day and now only have 10 left and several days to reach my goal!  Seems doable to me. Until then, enjoy my favorite photos from each hike. 🙂

me at tinker Chittenango Falls green lake from above

tinker falls shoe pratts highland jamesville clark reservation erie highland green