“Shrink it and pink it.” We all know a dude said this one time 30 (ish) years ago when he wanted to make gear for women. Since then women’s outdoor gear has followed that mantra. While smaller gear is sometimes (read: rarely) all women technically need, that’s the furthest thing we need when it comes to skiing and snowboarding.

Men’s skis and boards don’t become women’s skis and boards if they become shorter and softer. Shorter? Sure maybe some women need that. Softer? Screw that. Everyone knows that women ride as hard as guys do and it’s absolutely time there’s gear that’s aggressive enough to support women who rip.

Enter: Coalition Snow. They’re bringing high-end, high-performance women’s skis and snowboards into the industry. The women behind Coalition Snow design hard and soft goods specifically for women and I’m excited to see what splash they make in the still (but not much longer!) male-dominated industry.

Coalition Snow

They released a few skis and boards this past season and are now launching their second line—with our help!

They launched a kick-ass Kickstarter on March 24th and are striving to raise $25,000 by April 24th to help them launch their second line and get more high-performance gear into the hands of fellow lady shredders. The dough will go toward production costs for the all-mountain SOS ski in 2 new sizes, the bliss freestyle ski in 3 sizes, and the park and pow Queen Bee snowboard in 3 sizes.

If you can’t tell yet…I’m stoked that Coalition Snow is aiming to make a difference in the industry and I’m excited to help them reach their $25,000 goal. If you’re also ready to see the “shrink it and pink it” mantra disappear check out their Kickstarter and help out however you can.

If you can’t spare a few bucks, share their page and spread the good word using #SisterhoodOfShred across your social channels! Then put one of their new models on your wishlist for next season. ‘Cause look how sweet they are.

Coalition Snow Skis and Boards