I’ve been in Maine for a year now and leaving in just a few days. The day I was moving I wrote the post, I Want To See A Moose. Now that I’m moving back to Syracuse I have to say…

I did not see a moose.

I have a couple of days of service left and have seriously pondered leaving work early one day to drive North in hopes of some moose-in-road action. But then again, why force it? I’m not one to believe in ‘things happening for a reason.’ Yes, things happen. But it’s what you do with it that makes it worthwhile (or not). Right? So I didn’t see a moose in my year spent in Maine. Bummer.

But then again, I really, truly don’t feel ready to leave Maine yet. I’d love to stay here. And I would absolutely stay here if I didn’t have grad school all planned out. This state and community instantly felt like home. Maine became my perfect playground as I was surely able to live an adventure-filled life. Little did I know how much I’d fall in love with the ocean.

And the Maine mountains.

And the insane amount of large rocks.

And apparently the gallery photo option.

So, I guess it’s cool I didn’t see a moose during my year here. Since it seems like I now need to return. You know, to see that moose (and maybe settle down, get a real job, explore the northeast, reunite with my friends and co-workers, drink lots of craft beer, swim in the forever freezing cold ocean, etc., etc., etc.). I see many adventurous vacations in my very near future and most likely a long-term move back to Vacationland. And a moose.

See ya, Maine. For now.