Maybe these don’t all apply to you. Maybe the post should be renamed, “Dumb Things I Do On The Trail.” Read through and let me know—I’m curious.

Trip Yourself with a Stick

I’m not sure how often I trip myself with a stick, but I know it’s close to all the time. It happens on the calm, easy part of the trail. The flat parts when you’re not really looking down. You move a stick around for a bit with your foot until it slides between your legs and the next step you take turns this stick into a world-class tripping machine. And then (since you’re a hiker) you’re not down on the ground because you (not-so) gracefully catch yourself then try to shake it off before anyone notices your mistake. You just tripped yourself with a stick.

Hit your Head on a Boulder

Hit Your Head on a Boulder While Hiking

This is just as awkward as tripping yourself with a stick, but so much more painful. When your hikes are filled with rock scrambles and more upward climbing than trail hiking, it’s bound to happen. It happens when you finally get in a groove. Large hand hold, great footing, hand, foot, hand, foot, head smacks into large rock, hand, foot, rest it off like it never happened. That upcoming headache will prove otherwise.

Walk into a Low-Hanging Branch 

Now I certainly cannot be the only one who didn’t see that incoming branch. Right? Again, you’re in a groove, most likely on a trail that requires watching every step. Your head is down and that tree branch is much lower than all the other ones. Fortunately, you’re wearing sunglasses, so the only pain in emotional. So embarrassing. OR your ‘friend’ moves a branch aside in order to pass through but doesn’t hold it for you or let you know that they’ve moved one aside. WHACK.

Now these clearly aren’t all that physically dangerous–mostly just emotional. Things your friends will definitely laugh at you for. These things (I think) happen to all hikers, even the experienced ones. But I’m curious…I’m not the only one who regularly suffers from these (totally normal) trail accidents, right?

What other dumb things have you or your friends done on the trail? Shout them out in the comments below to save others from making the same embarrassing mistakes. 🙂