In the month or so that I’ve been hiking with my new ECCO BIOM Ultra Quests GTX as a member of #TeamBIOM, I’ve come to one conclusion.

It’s my duty (and yours) to get them dirty.

So far I’ve brought them to several different types of trails; the flat and dry, the rocky and steep, and my favorite, the slippery and muddy.  And so far, they’ve been an awesome addition to my growing gear closet. Interested in learning more?

Here’s 4 things I think you should know:

ECCO BIOM Ultra GTX Hiking Shoes Gear Review1. What an amazing footbed.

Is that a weird thing to say? Either way, I mean it. These shoes are super comfortable right out of the box. Hours of belaying or hiking never once made my soles or legs sore. They provide comfortable support that’ll keep you hiking extra miles.

2. You’ll get complements. 

The yellow laces give just the right amount of pop to catch someone’s attention. From what I’ve experienced, they’re drawn right in and they clearly now need to complement you on your style. While the yellow calls out attention, the  subdued colors help to hide all the dirt and mud on the trails.

3. Holy grip. 

Like I said, I’ve tossed these into several different trail types over the past month. The traction has been amazing on all types. But most importantly, while rock hopping through a stream, I never once felt out of control.

4. If you get the GTX ones, take some extra time to wear them in.

I love the fact that GORE-TEX keeps your feet dry even in the wettest situations. While GTX can be advantageous, it’s important to know that the mesh upper is slightly stiff. This stiffness caused a small pressure point on the top of my foot that is slowly but surely going away as I continue to log miles on them. Though a small pain, it surely doesn’t deter me from recommending the GTX version—just know that you need to loosen them up a bit before taking them on a long, weekend hike.

Into tech specs? Me too.

Get a pair for yourself: They come in guy’s, too!

Any questions? Shout them out in the comments below!