If you know me at all, you know I like to hike. I especially love peak-bagging. Oh, and jumping with a goofy face once I reach the summits. Long days climbing up and then back down has been my jam for several years. While hiking still is and always will be my jam, I’ve been changing it up lately.

I’ve been exploring the Colorado mountains on 2 wheels. This has afforded me new trails, new friends, and new ways to injure myself. Endo, anyone?

Bike endo and Breck beer

Recovery drink after my first endo in Breck.


I’ve always been interested in mountain biking but never had the right gear (or the surplus cash). With some luck and insanely awesome friends, I scored myself an affordable full-suspension bike. Since then, I’ve constantly been itching to get out there. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get out there some…

Moab Mountain Biking

First day on a bike? Why not try it out in Moab?


Moab Mountain Biking

When in Moab. Bike.


Tiger Rd Mountain Biking Breckenridge

After an endo here, I learned the importance of braking the 2nd time around.


Mountain Biking Betasso Boulder CO

Link trail on Betasso. Can’t believe I made it down this in one piece.


Marshall Mesa Mountain Biking

Flatirons and Marshall Mesa.


But this is certainly just the start of my new passion, for sure. I absolutely love being able to explore Colorado on two wheels. You can cover many more miles of trail in just one day. You can climb hills for a hell of a work out. And speed down for one hell of an adrenaline rush. You can enjoy the sweet (and always refreshing) parking lot beers…and still go out for one more ride. Also, you get to wear shorts with built-in butt pads.

What’s not to love?

I’ve got so much more to learn and so many more trails to explore.

So which Colorado and Utah trails should I hit up next? Have any advice for me!?