Finding winter? Was it lost?

Actually yes, sort of. The adventure that winter boasts is lost to so many that instead choose to stay inside and wait for the first spring bloom to ever venture outside again. As other winter adventurers know, that’s just wrong. Winter has way too much to offer to stay inside. And with the right knowledge, proper clothing, and sense of adventure, winter isn’t so scary or cold. Just awesome.

So I’m teaming up with Mountain Hardwear and their Finding Winter efforts this season to share my winter adventures.

According to Mountain Hardwear, “Winter is out there. Go find it.” I agree.

Mountain Hardwear Finding Winter

Big thanks to Mountain Hardwear for including me in Finding Winter and providing me with their new Torsun jacket to test!

Winter hiking Mt Algonquin High Peaks Adirondacks

Descending out of the clouds on Algonquin.

I just came back from the high peaks in the Adirondacks from my spring break adventures. In three days, I learned how to ice climb, reached the summit of Algonquin, and snowboarded in the crazy big snowstorm that hit the Northeast. In addition to great stories, new friends, and sore muscles, that trip has got me yearning more winter.

So, with a little bit of help from Mountain Hardwear in the proper clothing department, I’ll be heading out with the Torsun jacket for the rest of the winter.  I’ll be testing their new jacket and technology in some late winter weather in Central New York. It’ll still be hovering around the freezing mark through March, so it’s abilities will surely be tested.

Mountain Hardwear Women's Torsun Jacket Finding Winter

Stay tuned to my blog and social channels for my late-winter adventures. Or #FindingWinter to follow all the other adventurer’s stories. I’m so pumped to get outside some more this season and super grateful for Mountain Hardwear to help motivate me and other adventurers to go find winter.