10am on a Saturday morning, two friends showed up so we could all head to the beach. We had a sun hat and our sandals, and oh yeah, lots and lots of winter layers. We planned for a brisk walk on the beach to explore the rocky coastline for which Maine is oh so famous. I thought it’d be nice to check out another iconic Maine lighthouse and perhaps go for a quick dip in the ocean. All, of course, so I could check them off my Maine (Bucket) List.

So we headed East in search of the Atlantic Ocean. My car, however, had different plans and decided to loosen up some of it’s parts underneath the car so they scraped as I drove. Literally half way to the beach and very little civilization in sight we hopped out of the car to check what was wrong. We could see the dangling metal, yet couldn’t reach it. Didn’t know if I could rip it off and continue, duct tape it back on (only sort of kidding), or if it deserved some professional attention. After calling 2 fathers and a brother, they all assumed it was the heat shield. Ah yes, of course, the heat shield! What? We spent the next 15 minutes calling the nearby auto repair shops so they could advise me how to rip that sucker off so we could continue on our merry way. But it was a Saturday, so all the shops were closed! Perfect.

As we waiting in the car half way to fun and half way from home, I decided to call the closest NAPA. Not so they could fix my car, but so they could perhaps advise me how to move forward or to what repair shop I should bring the car. I shared my sob story with the woman who answered the phone and she spoke to her husband on what I should do. I most definitely heard him laugh when I asked what shop to bring it to, but then to my surprise, he hopped into his truck without any hesitation to come save me from my car stupidity. And the best part? He’s a native of Central New York and grew up about 15 minutes from my family’s lake house. Within 5 minutes he had arrived and the heat shield was successfully ripped off from the underside of my car…all with a smile. Perhaps even better? As he drove away he yelled, “Go Syracuse!” The best way to end a crappy situation and a truly wonderful individual. If you’re ever driving through Richmond, Maine, stop into that NAPA on Main St. 🙂

Such a nice dude!

Such a nice dude!

So…444 words later…we were headed to the beach! Phew.

To make this long story only slightly longer. We checked out the Pemaquid Lighthouse first. And by checked out, I mean we frolicked along the rocky coastline until I slipped on seaweed and absolutely ate it, nearly dropping my car keys into the crashing waves of death (yet incredibly beautiful) as seen below. But fortunately we also snuck in some great shots of the lighthouse and our rock-slipping adventures.

Rocky Coastline and Waves at Pemaquid Point Maine

Watch out for the green stuff caked on the rocks. It’s quite slippery.

We followed that up by some frolicking through Boothbay Harbor as well. Most everything was closed until May but that was perfectly fine with us. It made us seem like we were a local…until I stopped to take some touristy type photos for you. Enjoy! And if you haven’t checked out Boothbay before, it’s definitely worth a trip. The amount of ice cream places alone would make this place worthwhile. Just wait until the summer. 😉

As soon as we had our fill of Boothbay, we drove around in search of the best place for me to take a freezing dip into the Atlantic Ocean and check off #37 off my bucket list; the polar bear plunge. The weather was just right, down right freezing with a gusty 20+ MPH wind. Too bad all of our car troubles and rock frolicking brought me to the beach at low tide. Not just low tide, but super low tide. Low enough that’d I’d most certainly get hypothermia trudging through the mile of mud back to the car. So #37 will have to wait for another cold day!

Fortunately, #3 and #18 are successfully completed. Take that Maine (Bucket) List.

Until my next big adventure (minus the car troubles!).