I’m not a runner. I’ve never been one and I’ll likely never become one. But I’ve always been interested. Since high school I’ve tried running. Every 6 months or so, I’ll give it a go. Then after running regularly for 2 or 3 months, I for whatever reason, let it fizzle out.

Now that I live in Boulder, I’m surrounded by runners. Amazing ones, too. Each time I’m out hiking, I get lapped several times by trail runners. Their speed, precision, and endurance amazes me and each time they lap me, I get a bit jealous.

So, I’m giving running a whirl once more. But this time, I’m only hitting the trails. I love hiking. And trail running is essentially just hiking…faster.

ECCO Biom Ultra Sports Trail Running

These ECCO Biom Ultra Sports are my go-to for hitting the trails.

Living at the base of the mountains and being able to walk from your house to a never-ending trail system is absolutely amazing. I’d be dumb to not take advantage of this. I’m trying not to be dumb.

To make sure I have a reason to stick to it this time (or at least through May), I signed up for the Bolder Boulder 10k. This Memorial Day, I’ll be racing (read: jogging/walking/eating bacon) with 50,000 other runners. I’m not in it so I can beat a 10s of thousands of people, because, let’s be real here. Instead, I’m in it for the experience and the motivation.

So far, I’ve been running a few times a week throughout Boulder by myself and with an awesome group of ladies from Outdoor Women’s Alliance Front Range Grassroots Team (join us!). And you know what? I’m getting there. Gaining speed each week. Improving my precision each week. Developing better endurance each week, too.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick with trail running.

Trail Running Mt. Sanitas Boulder

Mt. Sanitas at sunset is well worth the butt-busting climb.