How are you Going to Live an Adventure-Filled Life?

Do yourself a favor. Take a moment to answer the following question. It need not be long and detailed, but it should be thoughtful.

How are you going to live an adventure-filled life in 2014?

Got it? Good. Write it down because we’ll come back to it in a bit.

Living My Own Adventure-Filled Life

Adventure Filled Life 2013

Since starting this blog, I’ve become more and more adventurous with every post. Adventurous as it relates both to the outdoors and my personal life. This is partly because I’ve made some personal changes, partly because I’ve met incredible people that inspire and push me, and partly because I’ve made myself accountable for the goals I’ve set here online. I’ve always been one to set personal goals. And while I’m a fantastic list-maker and planner, I wasn’t always the best at following through on all of those goals.

But as I was graduating college (and starting this blog) in 2012, I knew I was ready for something totally new. I was completely bored and uninspired in my hometown and needed to see new things, meet new people, and just feel uncomfortable for a while. So I headed to Maine to volunteer. It was there that I met some of the coolest people ever—other people that were embarking on their own adventure and trying something new.

Together, we worked on My Maine (Bucket) List; a long list of everything I wanted to do, see, and eat while in Maine. Since returning, my #52in52 goal is helping me to get outside and try new things back in New York.

Over the past year, I’ve found out how important it is to challenge yourself to try new things and become oh-so passionate about something dear to you. For me, it was becoming more adventurous; to live an adventure-filled life. And I know that this is the same for most of you.

Your Adventure-Filled Life

Therefore, I’d love for everyone to share their plans and goals for the upcoming year. Are you moving? Climbing your biggest mountain yet? Skiing at every resort on your shortlist? Trying backpacking for the first time? How are you going to live an adventure-filled life in 2014?

I’ll be compiling everyone’s responses and sharing them in a new post at the start of 2014. My hope is that the responses will help you to think about what adventures are in your future and inspire everyone to live their own version of an adventure-filled life in 2014. So… 

 How are you going to live an adventure-filled life in 2014?



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  1. So you told me to write a response to your question and you know I’m all for helping you out with your projects, so here it goes…My adventurous New Years Resolution to living an Adventure Filled Life. =]

    What is adventure to me?

    Well Merriam-Webster tells me that adventure is “an exciting or dangerous experience”. To me, adventure is less about the dangerous, and more about the exciting! It’s about the perspective, the beauty, the inspiration. It’s about the expedition. It’s pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to do things that I wouldn’t normally do.

    This year, I want to be just like you, Laurie. =] I’ve was inspired by your Maine Bucket List (whose brilliant idea was that anyways?? ;-) haha) Anyways, I want to push myself to frequent new unexplored places and acquaint myself with these places. I want to spend as much time outside as I can.

    I want to push my mind as well. I want to push myself to learn more about my surroundings when I’m outside. I want to be able to identify the birds that sing to me and the trees that whisper to me and the many animals that play beside me. I really want to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer. I want to see and feel everything.


    • Yes, it was certainly your brilliant idea. Are you going to make NJ (Bucket) List? Or something similar? As much as we make fun of that state, I’m sure there are some awesome spots to check out.

  2. I love this idea especially since I am in my early 60s, and pay attention to how my cohort is aging-some with flair and some with lots of complaints. I am hoping for flair!
    Adventure is certainly about stepping out the comfort zone but for me that often needs to be physical–hike more, do some 5k races and maybe another half marathon. Yoga will be part of 2014 this year for sure.
    I agree completely with Amy on knowing more about nature-I took a birding tour for several days in Acadia and was blown away by the depth of knowledge the leaders had. So, knowing more of what I am seeing in the woods is certainly on my list.
    But here is something that has been percolating for a bit, and is just getting formed in my head: spiritual adventures. I have studied and been part of various groups, and love the seeking process, the meditative explorations, the looking for the links that draw us to nature and each other. I am clear that the journey is the reward on this–finding a spiritual place is not what I am after, but looking for one, is. So the yoga is physical but also spiritual, knowing more birds and spending time in the woods is both. I will muse on this some more, and get back to you! Thanks for helping me clarify this a bit.

    • I’m certain you’ve got the flair! ;) Knowing more of what I’m seeing in the woods is on my short list, too. I’m always curious—fortunately Amy went to an environmental school and can name most of the things I point out when we hike together! Thanks for the well-thought out response; I really appreciate it. Glad it helped you as well!

  3. 2013 was full of adventure for me, I hope that 2014 will prove to be just as adventurous and filled with discovery. #LACPPP and #MLCforever 2013 will be hard to beat, but SOUTH AFRICA HERE I COME! :)

  4. I have a few goals: climb Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississipi River; visit Jockey’s Ridge and hike the tail end of the Mountains to Sea Trail on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; reunite with AmeriCorps friends in Maine; visit Charleston, South Carolina. And, as per usual, all of these adventures will be accomplished with teeny tiny budgets. ReadysetGO.

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