Parachute cord. Paracord. P-cord.

Whatever you call it, it’s crazy useful. I always stuff some in my pack for you know, just in case. In the past year I’ve used it as a belt, shoe laces, tarp holder-upper, clothesline, and a lovely bracelet. It has become quite the popular ‘survival bracelet’, which is great to have as long as you know how to use it.

With a quick Internet search, you can find hundreds of different uses. But I’m going to shorten that down to what I find most useful, relevant, and common. So whether you’re just choosing to buy some paracord to always have on hand or wondering what you can do with that cool bracelet on your wrist, here’s some ways you can use it on your next outdoor adventure.

Paracord uses while camping12 Cool (and useful) Things to Do With Paracord:

  1. Tie up your tarp
  2. Dry your clothes
  3. Hold up your pants
  4. Keep your boots on tightly
  5. Keep unruly hair out of your face
  6. Tie your firewood together for easy transportation
  7. Emergency tourniquet (hopefully you never need this one!)
  8. Raise your food up in a tree away from animals
  9. Mend your gear back to a usable state
  10. Rig a pulley system to move something heavy
  11. Create emergency sewing thread or fishing line (use inner strands)
  12. Make a sling or splint (again, hopefully you never need this one)

I use it often at the campsite. When I went to Baxter this past summer, we used it ALL over the place. It certainly came in handy to help with the rainy weather and our super sweaty clothes post-hike. It also helped to make a sweet hiding spot.

Have I convinced you to stuff some in your pack on your next adventure? If so, it’s time to stock up (make sure you buy the real 550 7-strand cord, not just one made for crafting).

Do you use paracord out on your adventures? What have you found to be it’s best use? Shout it out in the comments below!¬†