Don’t know? Don’t worry, I figured it out. No length of time is ever too long to stare at a fire. This was proven this past weekend when 4 girls spent over 5 hours staring at (and sometimes stoking) the fire and never once become bored. I spent the weekend with some new friends camping on Georgetown Island on the coast of Maine. We spent some time exploring Sagadahoc Bay at low tide and Reid State Park at sunset.

Reid State Park Beaches in Maine

Some fun at Reid State Park at sunset.

As amazing as those two adventures were, my favorite part of the trip was the relaxation from the campfire and the completely unexpected rainstorm that kept us in our tents for most of Sunday morning.

This is what I like most about camping trips. Life slows down and you appreciate everything so much more. For me, the campfire and the tent living is the absolute best. 

When we woke up to a drizzling rain Sunday morning, we quickly grabbed some food from the car and took shelter back in our tents to wait out the rain. Little did we know (it seriously wasn’t in the weather forecast) that it would rain for the next 2.5 hours. At first it was a bit discouraging since we had originally planned to spend the day at the beach.

Tent Shelter from Rain

Taking an incredibly cozy shelter from the rain.

But then, as I snuggled back into my still-warm sleeping bag and listened to and watched the rain hit my tent, I became incredibly content. These 2.5 hours flew by as I dozed in and out of sleep, read a bit and watch the raindrops slide off my tent.

Sure, we get bored after a couple of hours of TV and a few hours of social media, but somehow staring at a fire or raindrops hitting the tent keeps our attention for hours and hours. I don’t quite get it, but I sure do love it.

I’m sure people will disagree with me, but at least this time around, the fire and the rain made for an awesome adventure-filled weekend.

What’s your favorite part about camping trips? Do you also find yourself gawking at the fire all night long? Chime in below – I’m curious!