I’m a grad student. A barista and a challenge course facilitator. Oh, and a founder. A daughter, sister, and friend, too. All of these regularly toss me in many directions with endless chores, errands, and to-dos. But I’m also a self-proclaimed adventurer and this is a very important part of who I am. It’s what makes me super happy and always excited for what’s next. But lately, being the latter is becoming more and more difficult. So how do I keep adventuring when life gets in the way?

The goals I have set for myself are, without a doubt, what keeps me adventuring. Before 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks there was My Maine (Bucket) List and before  that, there wasn’t as much adventuring and exploring the outdoors as I would’ve liked. Setting goals work incredibly well for me and making them public online provide me with a support group with a lot of people making sure I’m staying accountable. Sure, I could probably finish these goals without putting them online, but c’mon, where’s the fun in that?

52 Hikes in 52 Weeks Outdoor Goal

This hike showed my friend how awesome the outdoors are. Now I have a new hiking buddy.


So, here are a few things I’ve learned to help you keep adventuring when the other aspects of your life get in the way.


Summit of Algonquin Winter Hike

Here’s the thumbs up to reaching the summit of Algonquin. My 52 Hikes in 52 Weeks is important to me and an attainable goal for this year.

Make a goal that is important to you.

You don’t need to start a blog and put them online like I did (however, I’m all for that!) but you do need to determine what it is that you hope to accomplish by going outside and write it down somewhere. This will help you have focus as to why adventuring should become a big part of your life. Is it exercise? Self-fulfillment? Exploration? Fun? Do you want to try a new sport? Explore new places? All of the above? Figure it out and write it down; this is your goal.


Make sure that this goal is attainable.

Think about how busy you are at this point in your life. What is actually attainable for you right now? There’s nothing worse than having a goal that’s wildly out of reach always staring you in the face. That certainly brings down your morale and we don’t want that. So make a list of what you REALLY want to do and make sure that it’ll fit within your schedule. Challenge yourself a bit, but don’t go overboard.


Find a support group.

I don’t have too many friends in the area that are interested in spending countless nights outside and climbing high peaks. Bummer. But, this is partly why I have turned to the web to help me find inspiration, support, motivation, and even some adventuring buddies. If you don’t have friends with the same outdoorsy interests in you, join a local outing club or find out if and when your local outdoor gear shop has group rides, climbs, hikes, etc. Meetup.com has some great local chapters, too. Do whatever you need to find that support group; I can assure you that it’s crucial to your success.

Outdoor Buddies as your Support Group

Gina and I met for the first time last year. She was kind enough to adjust my GoPro and we’ve been friends ever since. 🙂

Make time for adventuring.

If it’s as important to you as it is to me, you simply need to make time in your hectic schedule to accommodate it. Fortunately, the outdoors has an incredible healing power that always recharges you after a long day and clears your mind. It’s completely worth making the time for this. So figure out when and just go outside.


If your adventuring needs a kick in the pants, I hope this information can help to jumpstart your new outdoor goal just a bit. It’s certainly all pretty much common sense but sometimes we just need a reminder. So here’s to your new adventures!


Do you have an outdoor goal for yourself? What do you do to make sure there’s a healthy bit of adventuring in your life?

Don’t be shy! Shout it out in the comments below.