Regardless of what adventure means to you, there’s no doubt in my mind that regularly having adventures is crucial to living one heck of a cool life. So a few days ago, I asked everyone to comment on how you’re going to live an adventure-filled life in 2014. I loved reading the comments and all of the awesome adventures people have planned for the upcoming year. People’s plans, goals, and reflections for this upcoming year have pushed me to try bigger and better things for 2014 (travel and/or move out west this year?). Thank you for that!

Looking for a bit of inspiration and help in figuring out how you’re going to live an adventure-filled life? Here’s my favorite snippets from how others are doing it. Determine what will work best for you and jump right in to 2014.

Frequent new unexplored places Adventure Filled Life 2014 Learn to call anywhere home Adventure Filled Life 2014 Travel and/or move out west Adventure Filled Life 2014 Climb Mount Mitchell Adventure Filled Life 2014 Visit the Arctic Circle Adventure Filled Life 2014 Spiritual Journey Adventure Filled Life 2014

What about you? 2014 JUST started and you’ve got plenty of time to live an adventure-filled life in 2014. Enjoy it.