Yesterday, I was supposed to go on a REI Colorado 14er Training Hike up Bear Peak outside of Boulder. A 9 mile RT with a summit at 8,461 feet. I was pumped. Beyond pumped. But something I ate the day before wasn’t and my body wasn’t the same. I was up nearly all night before my morning hike wakeup at 6 so by the time it was time for breakfast, it was clear to me that something just wasn’t right.

I wasn’t feeling too bad, not enough to stay in bed all day, but definitely not well enough for a full-day, 9 mile hike at an altitude that is twice as high as I’m used to. But I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. I drove up to the trailhead in hopes that I’d feel better by the time the hike start-time rolled around.

Still, I wasn’t feeling all that bad and I probably would’ve gave it a go knowing that I could turn around if needed if I was with some of my closest friends. But I didn’t know anyone in this group; and I wasn’t going to be the one that slowed the group down and brought down the morale. You never want to be this person. And even if I didn’t annoy the group, I definitely wouldn’t have throughougly enjoyed my first Colorado Peak.

I unfortunately needed to call it quits. Thankfully, the REI guide was AMAZING and I’ll definitely be rescheduling this hike.

Oh, but I knew I couldn’t waste the drive up to the Flatirons nor could I ignore the amazing weather. So I instead drove a bit further to Chautauqua Park and climbed up to the 1st and 2nd flatirons. A short enough hike that I knew I could handle before my body gave up on me.

It kicked my butt. But I loved every minute of it. It wasn’t my first hike in Colorado, but it was the first one with a view and I know I can get used to this.

Chautauqua Park trail to FlatironsLaurie Hiking Flatirons

2nd Flatiron Colorado

View of Rocky Mountains