It’s seriously time to get people outside, don’t you think?

Yesterday, the average American person spent over 12 hours in front of a screen and less than 30 minutes outside (that was even me yesterday). Despite all of the proven psychological and health benefits to getting outside, our society has never been more disconnected from the outdoors as we are today. This is why it’s time to inspire and motivate more people to get outside and live an adventure-filled life.

That’s where Adventure Filled comes in. What started out as a simple personal blog helped me to complete 51 new Maine adventures in just 7 months. From watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain to climbing the summit of Mt. Katahdin to eating more lobster rolls one could ever imagine; I lived my best year yet.

Soon, something much bigger. And I’m looking for some help. I’m on the lookout for some super-passionate adventurers with some crazy good developing skills, design skills, and just some big and creative ideas.

I’ve set a new personal goal; reintroduce people to the outdoors while helping them live their version of an adventure-filled life. You in?


Have I peaked your interest? Or know someone that may fit this description? If so, please reach out to me so I can share more information. I’m super excited about this project and would love some support to bring it to fruition much quicker. Find me on Twitter or shoot me an email to help me get people outside.