Adventure with locals, not tour guidesIncredible adventures are not created solely based on the location or activity, but the people you’re traveling with are crucial. They’ve got to be just right and totally awesome. I can say, with absolute conviction, that the people you’re adventuring with can make your break your trips.

So bring your best buds along on each adventure, right? Sure. But what happens when you’re traveling far from home? Or trying something new? Traveling alone?

Currently, your best option is to book a pre-planned adventure with a large tour operator. They’ll plan everything for you then funnel you to some over-saturated, touristy area so you can wait in line to jump off the cliff, or reach the summit, or do whatever it is that you choose to do. Sure, you get some adventure in, but how awesome was it?

Adventure with Locals, Not Tour Guides

Advlo Adventure Local LogoFortunately, there’s a new best option coming by the end of the summer. Advlo, or Adventure Local, is creating a platform to connect adventure travelers with locals to change the way people travel.

Locals certainly make for the best adventures because they’re the ones that know their hometown best. They’ll bring you to their favorite (and possibly otherwise unknown) adventure spots, share their greatest stories, teach you about their culture, and probably share some of their favorite beer after an incredible day outside. You’ll have a kick-ass time and leave with an experience and a new friend you’ll never forget.

I’m psyched to say that I’m in Denver working with them to make this a reality! Want to learn more about Advlo? Check out our video and learn more about our crowdfunding campaign.

Advlo – Adventure Local from Advlo on Vimeo.

How to Support Advlo So You Can Be Adventuring With Locals, Not Tour Guides

We’re so excited to be developing our platform and launching it for beta use by the end of the summer. We’re all in Denver working full-time to make this a reality, but we need your support! We’ve created a crowdfunding project and have already raised over $7,000 of our $25,000 goal. Your support will go directly toward on-boarding local hosts and developing the platform for launch. And even better, to show our thanks, we’ve got tons of fun perks including VIP access to the platform, Advlo stickers, t-shirts, and free GoPros and adventures!

Advlo Crowdfunding Perks

Give and you shall receive! We’ve got awesome perks and incredible giveaways up for grabs.

If you’d like to see Advlo become your best adventure travel option, lend a hand! Here’s 3 ways you can support us.

  1. Spread this article, the Advlo video, and crowdfunding site across your social channels and with your best adventure buds. The more the merrier!
  2. Support the Advlo crowdfunding campaign with a small (or super big—that’s up to you!) contribution. I can assure you that every dollar helps and we won’t disappoint!
  3. Follow and chat with us across our social channels. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’d love to say “Hey!”

I hope you join us on our exciting new adventure. We’re excited to bring this to all adventure travelers and change the way we travel!