This weekend my friend from Syracuse drove up for some Maine adventure before he starts to buckle down for the start of his grad classes this summer. While short, it was most definitely well spent. He brought up his bike so I finally had someone to help me explore the singletrack in central Maine. Yes!

Unlike nearly every other rider in the area, we opted to check out the Androscoggin Riverlands trails instead of the tried and true trails at Bradbury Mountain. There are over 2,5oo acres and 12 miles of riverfront just 20 minutes away that aren’t yet all that well-known. On a perfect Sunday (especially perfect because hunters aren’t allowed on Sunday) afternoon, we just ran into one other rider and 2 runners.

I set up my GoPro on my friend’s bike in hopes of some incredible footage of me doing something cool.

Laurie Tewksbury Mountain Biking GoPro

Getting ready to do something cool.

Ha—that didn’t happen! For one, I’m no pro. Two, the trails were way less developed than I had expected. The trails were beautiful—winding through old growth along the river for miles and miles. But wait, a ravine! Hop off the bike. A massive boulder! Hop off the bike. A large hill! Okay, that’s just my bad. But you get the picture. Hopefully some of the mess is just due to one crazy winter and will be cleaned up soon!

New Trails and Old Friends Instagram

We only explored one trail off the main road so the area absolutely deserves more exploration (coming soon!) but the singletrack we did explore was well above my friend’s and my ability levels. Quite a bit of walking instead of pedaling.

Regardless of the amount of walking, it was an awesome afternoon spent with a great friend. My sore butt and I (perhaps I should stand more?) are ready and waiting for the rain to pass for biking part 2.

And the best part? It ended with 2 lobsters stuffed in a much smaller, buttered roll and 5 items checked off my Maine (Bucket) List.