One of my most awaited item on my bucket list: #62 Try Sea Kayaking. And try it, I did.

I’ve kayaked many, many times before but always in calm water; a small stream or quiet lake. This time my friend and I decided to paddle around Cushing’s Island in Casco Bay outside of Portland, Maine. We were paddling with heavy paddles, leaky spray skirts, and much too small, youth PFDs. We were definitely a bit unprepared. I knew it but we headed out anyway.

We left the dock at Cushing’s Island in Casco Bay and took a left against the tide. A left that led us into the open sea. There was nothing blocking us from Eastern hemisphere on our right. And there were large waves crashing into tall, rocky cliffs on our left. As gorgeous as it was, it was fairly terrifying. Large waves came at me in all directions while unprotected from the channel and nearby islands. Slight seasickness set in while I paddled as hard as I could toward calmer water. Even the bald eagle flying overhead didn’t do much to calm my racing heart.

Sea Kayaking Crashing Waves Open Sea

Photo via akasharkbow, Flickr Creative Commons.

Through this experience there’s certainly one thing I learned besides having a better fitting PFD. There’s a fine line between adventure and stupidity. While people will surely have different opinions on this matter, me included, I’m swaying toward the adventurous side on this one. I find that adventure normally comes when you’re out of your comfort zone. Trying something new. Something slightly dangerous. Something that gets your heart racing.

Most of the items on my Maine (Bucket) List are something new, slightly dangerous, and filled with adrenaline. Due to this, I’ve surely experienced an adventure-filled year here in Maine. For my next list item, I just need bring some well-suited gear. The rest, that can go unplanned.

What do you think? Adventure or stupidity? Where do you draw the line?