Today was a beautiful and perfect Sunday. I woke up incredibly refreshed this morning and headed to Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, Maine. Everyone has been telling me to get there for the quick and easy summit view and the wide array of mountain bike trails, from flat and wide to steep and single-track. I didn’t bring my bike this time around though, instead I went for that quick and easy hike to the summit.

I was rewarded with this after a relaxing .3 mile, 10 minute walk.

Bradbury Mountain Maine Bradbury Mountain Summit Trail

The iPhone photos don’t quite cut it, but you could faintly see the ocean on the horizon line—very beautiful! But because that had only taken 10 minutes and I drove roughly 30 to get there, my friends and I decided we’d explore the trails a bit. And I’m so glad we did!

Trail Hiking Dogs

Our unexpected new best trail friends.

Yes. That’s why. These two dogs, Taboo and Emma, were following two hikers while we were hiking on the same trail, going the opposite way. We slowed to pet the dogs and as we did, the couple continued until they were out of sight. We decided we should leave the dogs alone so we started walking and they instantly tagged along. They literally tagged along as if they were ours.

Trail Dogs Maine HikingDogs are great hiking buddies










They walked almost a mile back to the summit with us and were reunited with their owner who somehow completely misplaced them. Although the owner barely thanked us for their safe return, I’m quite thankful he was ignorant enough not to follow the park’s leash rule. These dogs definitely made my hike and were a great trail surprise!

What awesome things have you found or met on one of your hikes?  I want to hear your stories so shout them out in the comments below!