One year ago, I created a goal to climb 75,000 feet in Colorado. All 75,000 feet had to be human-powered and had to be finished within one year. Unfortunately, life got in the way (what a shocker) and I was unable to finish it this year.

Super bummed. However, I’m sticking to my goal and finishing the remaining 20,413 feet. 🙂

Setting this goal and all my other outdoor goals really motivate me to get outside and explore more. I’ve been able to explore so many trails this year and am stoked to keep this going.

So, what does this (updated) goal entail?

  • Well, all remaining 20,413 feet of elevation gain has to be human-powered. So hiking, backpacking, trail running, rock climbing, and lots of mountain biking will be my go-to this summer.
  • I need to finish this goal by June 30, 2015. Period.

Here’s how the first 55,000 feet went down. And here’s how I’m going to hit what’s left of my goal.

TrailElevation Gain in FeetTotal Elevation Gain to Date
What I Accomplished in One Year54,58754,587
SoBo Mountain Biking Loop92355,510
Sourdough to Brainard Lake Hike80056,310
SoBo Mountain Biking Loop70057,010
Mayflower Gulch1,04458,054
McCullough Gulch Hike82058,874
Aspen Alley Biking80459,678
SoBo Mountain Biking Loop62360,301
Peaks Trail1,01261,313
Biking in Breck89062,203
Blair Witch61462,817
Boreas Pass to Aspen Alley86463,681
Hot Laps at Marshall Mesa34164,022
Betasso Take 21,07865,100
Kenosha Pass to Lost Creek Wilderness2,21667,316
Betasso Loops1,16568,481
Bar M Trails in Moab with OWA45768,938
Dead Horse in Moab with OWA36169,299
Hiking, Snowboarding, and Self-Arrest Practice at St. Mary's Glacier90070,199
Cows in South Boulder62270,821
Cows in South Boulder1,47872,299
Quick Post-Work Sprint34272,641
Eat Fewer Bugs Next Time17072,811
Blair Witch from Tiger Road Campsite1,43074,241
A Slow, Bare Aspen Alley91275,153

Hiking Bear Peak Boulder Colorado

Time to lace up and hit the trails. Meet me outside?