So I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t be able to finish my Maine (Bucket) List before I head back to Syracuse in a few weeks. I’m heading back a week earlier than expected and I have volunteered to work on several different projects during my last month for both the job and community I’ve become to love. Both good things, though now I have less time for some adventuring around Maine.

laurie tewksbury adventure filled

Jumping photos: just one of the benefits of a bucket list.

While at first this realization was disappointing. I then looked at my list of what has already been accomplished. I’ve slept under the stars more this year than I have in my previous 22 years combined, I’ve now been to Canada (oddly enough, also a first) and I have absolutely fallen in love with Maine.

While I won’t be completing my (bucket) list this year, I’m so, so glad I created one with oh-so-many list items. I could rarely say I was bored because there was literally always something to do. I, all of a sudden, became the go-to person for weekend plans. And most of all, I’ve done so many things that I normally would never do.

Before this year, I wouldn’t have:

  1. Been flaky at work (within reason) so I could search for whales
  2. Camped and explored alone
  3. Climbed on quite as many large, treacherous rocks
  4. Potentially done anything in the following photos…

People write bucket lists of things they want to accomplish before they die. But without an actual timeframe I wouldn’t be jumping on too many of my list items and definitely not as often as I had this year. So creating a bucket list for each year is more like it.

I am, without a doubt, creating a (bucket) list for when I return to Syracuse. Although it’ll have to be shorter in length, I’m confident that it’ll continue to help me lead an adventure-filled life. Stay tuned for the new list in a bit!

In the meantime, create a (Bucket) List for the next year for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.