In less than two months, I’ll be leaving for a seriously incredible adventure in Morocco! A couple of months ago, I partnered with my friends at MadeByAdventure, a new platform that connects like-minded travelers from across the world and helps them create and launch their dream itinerary. For me and the all-ladies team that I’ve rallied, that’s mountain biking from Berber village to Berber village through the Atlas mountains all the way to the ocean where we’ll spend a few more days at a surf and yoga camp. We’re calling it The Berber Traverse.

AdventureMade The Berber Traverse MTB Singletrack

Photo via MadeByAdventure.


To say I’m beyond stoked doesn’t begin to describe my feelings for this trip.

I’ve never traveled specifically for a big outdoor adventure, but that’s all I’ve wanted to do for the past few years. My dream would be to travel the globe to immerse myself in both the mountains and the culture. On this trip, I’m incredibly excited to visit the small, rural ancient villages in the Atlas mountains by mountain bike. These are villages that are inaccessible by car, so I know it’s going to be a wild experience that I’m sure I won’t be able to replicate elsewhere.

AdventureMade The Berber Traverse Berber Villages

Photo via MadeByAdventure.


Assuming my legs make it all the through the hilly climbs and singletrack in the mountains, I’m going to get to learn how to surf up and down the coast of Morocco. I’ve always been mesmerized by surfing. Now I get to give it a go at a place that looks somewhat like this. What!?

AdventureMade The Berber Traverse Surfing

Photo via MadeByAdventure.


Best news, I have two spots left for adventurous ladies. If you want to join our team, request an invite on the trip page and I’ll be in touch shortly. But make sure you do it before August!

And, of course, stay tuned for endless post-trip photos and likely some awesome GoPro footage.