There’s no better feeling than knowing what makes you happy, inspired, and always ready for more. Ever since a college introductory backpacking course at Syracuse introduced me to the depths and beauty of my backyard; I’ve been hooked on the outdoors. Really hooked.

Since that course, I’ve backpacked and rafted into and out of the Grand Canyon, and moved to Maine and explored it’s nooks and crannies. Now I’ve been hiking somewhere in New York once a week and interning for an organization that’s making waves in the outdoor community. To top that off, I just returned from Salt Lake City where I gawked at the coolest gear and learned from some of the best in the industry.

I’ve seriously never been happier. And I’ve never been more inspired to work hard and live harder.

As amazing as it is to stand on the top of a summit I’ve worked all day for, it’s the people that inspire me the most. Nearly everyone I’ve encountered outside over the last few years have been the happiest I’ve ever met. These outdoorsy people are always willing to strike up a conversation and learn more about me and my adventures. Then I start hearing about their adventures and all I can think is, “how do they do it?” Seriously, someone tell me how. These people are crushing it every day by visiting the coolest places, climbing the biggest and tallest things, and being genuinely nice people. Way to go, guys.

From the people I’ve chatted with on twitter, to those I’ve met in person, and the ones I casually stalk through their instagram feed; you’re all awesome. Keep being stoked on life, outdoorsy people. It’s contagious.


Speaking and working and living harder; to give back to this awesome community and to help introduce more to it, I’m starting a project for which I feel very passionately. If anyone has some extra time on their hands and feels as inspired by the outdoors as I do, I’d love to chat. Let’s get people outside.