Remember one of my first posts? Of course not, so here it is. Nearly 2 years ago I shared that I WOULD move West and now I’m happy to say that I will be calling Denver, Colorado my new home. I never expected myself to move to such a large city but I’m hoping that the constant views of the mountains and super close access will make up for all the hustle and bustle that I’m not used to.

So, why Denver? Well, I’m working for a startup with an awesomely adventurous team and we couldn’t pass up the startup community in the city or the nearby mountains. This startup is one reason why I’ve been nearly nonexistent online as of lately—but more news on this very soon!

I’m psyched to create another list like My Maine (Bucket) List to help me explore the best parts of Colorado and nearby states. Fellow blogger, Katie from The Morning Fresh, also just moved to Denver and created her #ColoradoList. So expect some crowdsourcing soon to create my own epic Colorado list. You’ve been to Colorado? Start brainstorming!