There honestly isn’t much. Really. Look how much fun you can have.

Acadia National Park Winter Hiking

This past MLK Day, rather than working (YES!), a few friends and I went to Acadia National Park for a short hike up Gorham Mountain and plenty of frolicking. The trail was almost fully frozen over and most places had a sheet of ice that was too slippery to walk on. After everyone falling down (or gracefully catching themselves before they hit the ice) several times on the way up, we decided that the easiest way to descend would be on our butts. Even after some major butt bruising, I still agree that it was necessary.

Normally when I hike a mountain, there’s lots of planning, packing, and sweat. This time was quite different. Think frolicking, lounging, and jumping photos beside a cliff rather than a long, grueling hike. We decided very last minute that we’d drive 3 hours to the park then figure out what we’d do when we get there. Fortunately, the super wonderful manager at Cadillac Mountain Sports pointed us in the right direction and sold me a much-needed park map. Since 90% of the roads were closed and only 5% of Acadia’s visitors go in the winter, we were pretty much the only people there. The fact the temperature was in the single digits probably contributed to our good fortune. Solitude. 

Enjoy some of our photos from the trip!

If you haven’t been to Acadia yet, it’s most definitely time to start planning your first visit. I’m already planning my 2nd. And 3rd. Time to check Acadia off my Maine Bucket List!

UPDATE: Here’s some GoPro footage from our trip. ENJOY!

Have you been to Acadia National Park? What’s your favorite part of the park? Any suggestions for my next visits?