The backcountry has been calling my name for years now—it’s a huge reason why I moved to Colorado. Big mountains. Untouched powder. Tree riding.

Snow on snow on snow on snow.

You name it, I want it. Last winter was my first winter in Colorado and I played it safe, if you will. I only rode in-bounds and mostly only groomed trails. I hiked a bit, but didn’t bag any of the bigger peaks that were calling my name. But this year, I’m so freaking ready to push myself.

Laurie Snowboarding

I want to push myself this season to enjoy winter in ways I never have before. I want to push myself as a rider. I want to gain a better understanding of the backcountry. I want to have oh-so-much fun.

Cue another adventure-filled list: My Winter Goodness Bucket List.

  1. Learn about, practice for, and ride in the backcountry.
  2. Get a beacon and understand it completely.
  3. Bag a big ass peak.
  4. Experience what a pillowy cliff is all about.
  5. Mountain bike a snow-covered trail.
  6. Enjoy a hut trip.

That’s it. Keeping it simple this season. This winter is definitely going to be my best yet. I know it.

Powder at Breckenridge