As part of my Winter Goodness Bucket List, I wanted to bag a big ass peak this winter. So on a morning that was too warm and windy to ski, my friend and I set our eyes on Mt. Sniktau, a 13er off Loveland Pass.

While the hike wasn’t overly demanding or long, the winds were a constant battle, especially along the saddle as we neared the summit above 13,000 feet. This wasn’t the first time for me that the winds were strong enough to knock me off my feet. I was in the area just last year to bag Grizzly Peak D and experienced winds so strong that I had stop in my tracks anytime a gust came our way. So, with this same strategy in mind, we trudged from wind block to wind block and hoped that the winds wouldn’t push us onto the unbelievably large cornice.

Fortunately, Zack was able to snag some amazing photos without our cameras blowing away.

Hiking toward Mt. Sniktau

Colorado blue bird days are the best. Photo by Zack Kaplan.


Wind blown Cornice

Can you find me to the left of the massive cornice? Photo by Zack Kaplan.


Colorado winter hiking

There are gorgeous 360 degree views the entire way. Photo by Zack Kaplan.


At just under 4 miles RT and 1,800 feet of elevation gain and absolutely amazing views, the hike was a good balance for a leisurely(ish) Saturday morning. It was a mild ass kick in just a couple hours with a Starbucks coffee on our way back on an uncrowded I-70 eastbound drive. All in all, an excellent way to spend your Saturday morning.

Summit county colorado in winter

My stoke was high this morning! Photo by Zack Kaplan.